church family camp

Wasn’t really feeling church family camp, but went to be with my family. It was a trifecta and I would have been a jerk to miss it: mom’s birthday, father’s day and RJ’s (nephew) 18th. Whew! Ended up having a really nice time in Crestline, California at Thousands Pines. Got some nature in and good fambam time with a bonus of only being 90-120 minutes away.

Even did the “Confidence Course”  which started with “I am xj and I accept this challenge” and then proceeded to climb a 32-foot high rock wall, got stuck trying to get up to the top of the platform (hello awkward belly flop) and ziplined 400-feet to get back down. The grand finale made the nerve racking climb worth it. There were actually a ton of activities including archery. We didn’t really have the time to take advantage of it all.

Taken in the San Bernardino Mountains from June 17 to June 18. 2017.


fambam the golden state

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