dxb, p1: burj al arab + 40th yacht party

Oh hello again Dubai. Fancy seeing you again…five years later. This time for my cousin’s 40th and a mini-family reunion. Love him and grateful that I get to share amazing experiences around the world with our little family travel club.

Donned on our matching shirts and literally walked in the desert. We were trying to take a picture outside of Burj Al Arab (outside only because we couldn’t afford the inside) and boy, was it it hot. Whew…never so grateful for shade in my life!



Mission accomplished. Time for my cousin’s fabulous 40 yacht party! Such a magical evening. #haller40L1140824.JPGL1140983.JPGL1140864.JPGL1150037.JPGIMG_7287.JPGL1150278.jpg


fambam wheels up where in the world

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