dxb, p3: burj khalifa, souks, abra, and more

Busy day that started at Burj Khalifa and the ended at Burj Khalifa. In between, went to the Gold Souk, Old Souk, and Spice Souk; took an abra (water taxi) and the metro (riding in the women and children car); and ended up back at the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. Whew…that was tiring!

L1150735.JPGL1150799.JPGIMG_7673.JPGL1150755.JPGIMG_2303.JPGL1150806.JPGIMG_2343.JPG L1150866.JPGL1150856.JPGL1150873.jpgL1150863.JPGL1150868.JPGL1160006.jpgL1160020.jpgL1160164.jpgL1160136.jpgL1160138.jpgL1160025.jpgL1160033.JPGL1150889.JPGL1150892.JPGL1150896.JPG L1160044.JPGL1160104.JPGL1160107.JPGL1160061.JPG L1160428.JPGL1160346.JPG L1160691.JPGL1170066.JPG


fambam where in the world

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