i’ve been missing out

The BF was out of town for work this weekend. He came home on Sunday and inquired about the stamp on my right hand. He thought I had partied it up somewhere. Little did he know. Over sushi tacos, I later confessed it was from Melrose Trading Post also known as the Fairfax Flea Market.

A Sunday staple, I guess I’ve been oblivious and never bothered to check it out. The market offers “offers a constantly evolving experience, with a curated selection of handcrafted artisan goods, eclectic art and craft, vintage fashion, antique furniture and one-of-a-kind treasures.” And, music and food.

Pro-tip. Come early or come late.

Taken while deciding what to buy with cousin friends on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

L1250319.jpgL1250320.jpgL1250321.jpgL1250324.jpgL1250325.jpgL1250326.jpgL1250329.jpgL1250330.jpgL1250331.jpgL1250332.jpgL1250333.jpgL1250335.jpgl1250337.jpgL1250339.jpgL1250340.jpgL1250341.jpgL1250343.jpgL1250344.jpgL1250347.jpgL1250348.jpgL1250345 2.jpg


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