little xj goes to the market

“It’s not about consumerism,” artist Lucy Sparrow says. “It’s about providing emotional and psychological well-being. It’s about happiness and emotional responses and feeling like a kid again.”

Took Sunday afternoon errands to a whimsical level at Sparrow Mart…an art installation where everything is made of FELT. Wasn’t on my radar until a colleague posted about it (thanks JW)! Had blast playing market with the 31,000 handmade items in the shop. Definitely felt like a kiddo wandering up and down the aisles. The adult in me was blown away by the level of detail and the waves of nostalgia.

Why did I want to buy everything? I had to talk myself down. Proud to report that I only bought one thing though. Can you guess what I got?

Taken while FELTING great with the BF on Sunday, August 5,  2018.




la la land the BF

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