museum of ice cream

Less of a Museum and more of an immersive, playful experience dedicated to ice cream and ice cream adjacent treats. Located in Los Angeles’ Arts District and featuring 10 candy-colored galleries with lots of instaworthy photo opps and surprise samples along the way, this first debuted in New York last summer and caused ticket angst in Los Angeles.

Behind all the sugar is Maryellis Bunn, a 25-yo Laguna Beach Native who wanted to connect with millennial audiences in a innovative space. Her reward is over $6M in ticket sale revenue. Future plans include traveling the show to San Francisco and Miami, a permanent flagship in New York, a Las Vegas hotel and something as simple as launching an ice cream brand.

This pop-up definitely cheered me up and brought me out of a major case of the Mondays. Also, giving me a case of entrepreneurial envy  inspiration. Taken during date night. April 24, 2017.

L1030460.JPG L1030467.JPG L1030465.JPG L1030484.JPG L1030505.JPG L1030503.JPG L1030495.JPG L1030510.JPG L1030517.JPG IMG_4256.JPG L1030528.JPG L1030536.JPG L1030550.JPG L1030552.JPG

la la land

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