yoga at 1000 feet up

Woke up at 4:45a ON A SATURDAY to make it to DTLA for Sunrise Yoga at OUE Skyspace. Thought about not going, but SL and her sis T were meeting me so that wasn’t a viable option. Stepped out on the terrace of the 69th floor and knew it was going to be worth it despite the self-inflicted early call time and the cloud cover that made things a bit gray. Yoga was amazing thanks to a terrific teacher and her hands-on assistants, a DJ with a custom flow set and the view. Did I mention the view? But wait, there’s more! Got yummy samples from Noosa Yoghurt and Health-Ade Kombucha while shopping steals from Teeki. Since we had the place to ourselves, explored the space, took lots of photos and channeled our inner Aladdin while sliding down the 45-foot see-through slide (eeek!).

Taken during an invigorating Saturday on May 27, 2017. Liked it all so much that I may just wake up early one more time before the series ends. Maybe.

L1040835.JPGL1040845.JPGL1040842.JPGIMG_4491.jpgL1040860 2.jpgL1040930.JPGL1040874.JPGL1040867.JPGL1040862.JPGL1040868.jpgL1040889.jpgL1040925.JPGL1040892.JPGL1040896.JPGL1040869.JPGL1040966.JPGL1040984.JPG

la la land

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