portland, part 1: the heathman hotel

Went to Oregon right after Hawaii. Me and my crazy ideas! This was a late birthday trip for my original travel buddy aka my cousin BFF. While the city was a bit quieter than expected, definitely enjoyed exploring Portland and meetings its lovely and helpful denizens.

We stayed at The Heathman Hotel in the downtown area. Strangely enough, another 1927 establishment (and also a Historic Hotel of America). While a bit dated, loved the overall vibe of the Heathman and especially loved their excellent customer service including yummy complimentary beverages, texting concierges and an upgrade to the Oregon Symphony Room. Thank you Cyre!

The hotel is known for having doormen dressed in English Beefeater costumes (cute…but why?), a bronze sculpture of Zelda, an English bulldog from Portland, who is twinning and dressed in a Beafeater costume too and a famed library featuring signed books by writers who have stayed at the hotel through the years. The hotel is also rumored be haunted….eek! Thank God I found this out after my stay and that we did not end up in a room ending with a three.



Now that we have lodgings sorted out, find out what we did in Stumptown. Head over to part 2 here.

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