portland, part 3: day 2

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Taken on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 while trying to see as much of Portland as possible. Started with breakfast at Mother’s Bistro & Bar followed by a failed attempted to visit the Paul Bunyon Statue. Really wanted to see Paul and Babe the Blue Ox.



Made up for the fail with a very successful trip to the International Rose Test Garden. Portland’s nickname (one of many), City of Roses, totally makes sense now. This rose test garden came about during World War I to preserve the species of European roses that might be decimated by the bombings. Of the over 7,000 rose bushes, my favorite was the black-red Dark Night and the heady, lavender hued Fragrant Plum.



Went back to the hotel to checkout. Had just enough time to visit to a farmers market. Such gorgeous produce including heirloom garlic!



Quick coffee stop,  then went back to Powell’s Books. Talk about a truly impressive book store!



Had to also do the beer thing and bikes. I mean, that’s what you do here. Beer at Deschutes and bikes from one of the  Nike’s Biketown locations. Bikes may be a bit difficult for short people…like me. And, a donut from Blue Star Donuts.



Last stop before the airport was the Nike Flagship Store. When in Portland and all, plus no tax.



Quick flight home with a mesmerizing sky show.


So glad I got to experience more of the Pacific Northwest with my cousin BFF. Definitely want to keep checking out the cities of U.S. with these short and sweet trips. Also definitely glad to be home. While grateful for the privilege of traveling, no more back to back trips.

fambam somewhere in the USA (but not in CA)

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