oak glen: apple americana galore

Who knew fall was only 90 minutes away from LA? Nestled in the heart of Apple County, a five-mile loop of orchards, ranches, shops, and restaurants offers a picturesque Americana experience. Stopped at Riley’s Farm and Los Rios Ranchos. Also stopped at Oak Tree Village to eat the famous apple pie at Apple Annie’s, but totally ran out of battery power so sans photos. Taken while apple farm hopping and overdosing on all things apple while with fam on November 25, 2018 (Thanksgiving weekend).

Riley’s Farm

IMG_8100.JPGL1200046.jpgL1200030.JPGL1190725.JPGL1190770.JPGL1190871.JPGL1190731.JPGL1190737.JPGL1190847.jpgL1190743.JPGL1190744.JPGL1190751 2.jpgL1190762.JPGL1190781.JPGL1190786.JPGL1190824.JPGL1190820.jpg

Los Rios Ranch




fambam fun with friends the golden state

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