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Another SL birthday! This time, a milestone San Francisco treat! I love girls trips. Especially appreciated the opportunity to take time to honor one of my favorite people and also get to know her other besties better. I don’t always get to play tourist is SF so that’s a nice boon too. Realized, I’m going to have to go back. So much more to see.

As a bonus, got to see some family too.

Taken while hella having fun from Friday, March 30, 2018 to April 1, 2019.


And we are off! Departing from BUR is the best. And, this cloud city DTLA was amazing!IMG_1296.jpgIMG_1302.jpg


Intentionally, I was the first of the #girlsgonemild crew to arrive. I checked in and took care of some birthday business and went to fine Philz. Then, went on a me date…had some sushi and  explored SFMOMA. We stayed at the W right next door so this was perfect location wise.L1230908.jpg

L1230904.jpg L1230910.jpgL1230925.jpgL1230916.jpgL1230915.jpg L1230937.jpgL1230930.jpgL1230933.jpg IMG_1314.jpgL1230941.jpgL1230952.jpgL1240037.jpgL1230990.jpgL1230994.jpgL1240029.jpgL1240003.jpgL1240020.jpgL1230953.jpgL1240115.jpgL1240123.jpgL1240030.jpgL1240136.jpg


Once everyone arrived, the birthday shenanigans began. Prosecco compliments of the W, Thang Long for dinner, nightcap, and birthday cake. IMG_1348.jpg

IMG_1356.jpgIMG_1358.jpg L1240168.jpgl1240173.jpgL1240183.jpg


Rise and shine. A very Asian morning with dim sum and Chinatown and a cable car ride in between. We went to Yank Sing because the Kardashians went there. Ha! Definitely was suspicious, but it turned out to be both surprisingly delicious and pricey. L1240202.jpg

L1240210.jpgL1240274.jpgL1240282.jpg L1240344.jpgL1240336.jpgL1240339.jpgL1240361.jpg

Totally got into tea tasting at Vital Leaf Tea. Learned about chi, yang, and ding dong oolong all while laughing so much. You had to be there. Left with way more tea and tea accessories than planned.L1240382.jpgL1240379.jpgL1240400.jpgL1240384.jpg

Scenic walk back to the hotel for a power nap before night two. Bar Agricole for dinner and Novella for drinks + books (probably my fav place of the trip).L1240431.jpgL1240453.jpgL1240462.jpg

IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1562.jpgIMG_1557.jpg


Last day in SF!Happy Easter by the way! Spent the morning at the Ferry Building. Plus a quick trip the The Palace for a legendary (all you need is one) martini.L1240484.jpgL1240562.jpgL1240576.jpgL1240582.jpgL1240587.jpgL1240597.jpgL1240600.jpgL1240492.jpg



Spent the afternoon catching up with family. Showing a shot from an impromptu photo shoot at Seafood City and a storefront for PI’s beloved Magnolia ice cream (halo halo is amaze). YUM. Can’t believe I ended my trip hear, but gotta love that I did.L1240685.jpgL1240710.jpg


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