Do people still say Chi-Town?

Did you know that Chicago’s founder is black? Why did I not know about Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable? Born in Haïti, he founded a trading post along the Chicago River which later became a chartered city in 1837. Love this!

It was my third time in the windy city, but my first with my trusty camera. Taken while conferencing it up at IEG with a dear friend aka conference BFF from Sunday, April 9 to Wednesday, April 11, 2018.


Bye LA…..IMG_1742.jpg


Chicago, is that you?L1240733.jpgL1240737.jpgL1240750.jpgL1240766.jpg


Sheraton Grand Chicago. Beautiful view of the river. Not so grand everything else.L1240772.jpgL1240776.jpg


First things first. PIZZA.L1240777.jpgL1240789.jpgL1240786.jpg


Such a gorgeous city to photograph.L1240792.jpgL1240802.jpgL1240805.jpg


So exciting to wake up to snow!L1240806.jpg


Favorite thing at the MCO: Museum of Contemporary Art. #covenparkingL1240820.jpg


More city shots.L1240864.jpgL1240875.jpgL1240868.jpgL1240894.jpgL1240926.jpgL1240942.jpg


Last day. The bean and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago aka my new fav museum!L1240944.jpgL1240956.jpgL1240963.jpgL1250006.jpgL1250022.jpgL1250049.jpgL1250110.jpgL1250209.jpgL1250140.jpgL1250172.jpgL1250222.jpgL1250236.jpgL1250247.jpg

Thanks Chicago!


fun with friends somewhere in the USA (but not in CA) wheels up work life

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