firsts: los angeles chargers and stubhub center

I don’t even know who I am anymore. Won tickets to a Los Angeles Chargers pre-season game which means two live sporting events in one month. Crazy! Love new experiences though and it was my first time at a Los Angeles Chargers game (like a lot of people) and my first time at Stubhub Center (not like a lot of people).

I think Stubhub Center may be my new favorite stadium. They win on intimate seating and the best stadium food…hello acai bowls!

Taken on August 20, 2027 during a sporty Sunday Funday with the BF.

L1090427.JPGL1090379.JPGL1090419.JPGL1090621.jpgL1090469.JPGL1090471.JPGL1090259.JPG L1090340.jpgL1090428.JPGL1090407.JPGL1090399.JPGL1090383.JPGL1090381 2.jpgL1090387.JPGL1090394.jpgL1090455.JPGL1090603.jpgL1090514.jpgL1090611.jpgL1090425.JPG


la la land the BF the golden state

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