oahu, part 1: the pinkest hotel i ever did see

The BF and I had the best time in Oahu. It was our first time going to Hawaii together, although we both had gone before. I love Hawaii no matter where I stay (ahem…couch surfing…ahem), but the Royal Hawaiian Resort was pretty special.

I was obsessed with exploring this gorgeous, luxurious property. Opened in 1927, the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” is located on picture-perfect Waikiki Beach and features a Spanish-Moorish architecture. It’s signature color is offset with the blues of the Pacific and the greens of the lush gardens. The land was said to be King Kamehameha I’s island playground after he conquered Oahu and the resort’s Coconut Grove is on the former site of Queen Kaahumanu’s Summer Palace.

Taken from August 24-28, 20017 while trying to make sure I got that shade of pink just right. And, when you are ready…here’s part 2.



She’s lovely and grand. A great home away from home. Now, ready for part 2?

somewhere in the USA (but not in CA) the BF wheels up

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